Actress, Mosun Filani Reacts To Bleaching Allegations

Popular Nollywood actor, Mosun Filani-Oduoye, has hit back at a fashion designer who accused her of bleaching and selling beauty products that have failed to work for her (Mosun).


Mosun was recently trolled on social media by a fashion designer, who called her out for selling body creams to people even though she (Mosun) had a bad skin. The actress had earlier called out the Ibadan-based fashion designer for making for her a bad dress that didn’t fit well, after paying her a huge amount of money for the service. The fashion designer’s criticism was in response to Mosun’s outburst on social media.

On her Instagram page, the fashion designer, Ayokunnumi Emoruwa had said, “You have the nerve to call me a scam forgetting you sell cream to people and your skin is an apology full of filter (sic). When you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.”

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Mosun noted that she decided to call the designer out on social media because that was where the transaction was initiated.

She said, “I am mostly on social media because of my fans and business. I met the designer on social media and that was why when she messed up, and was unapologetic about it; I took her back to where I met her – social media.

“Most of my clients communicate to me via video calls and nobody can edit an image on a video call. I rarely wear makeup; I don’t know what she was talking about, she was just trying to get back at me for what she did wrong. I don’t know what her problem is. Those who know me know I can go out at anytime.

“I wanted to give an upcoming fashion designer like her a chance; they always complain about us patronising the known designers and that was why I gave her a chance. I tried to encourage growing businesses; but now the whole thing has blown up in my face. I paid her a lot of money. I was supposed to pay her N135, 000 for two clothes so I deposited N100, 000 to pay a balance of N35, 000. I can pay a known designer with this amount.

“She didn’t get the outfit right at all; it is left for her to keep deceiving her followers; she should take the truth and work on it. She made the dress like a sack; my waist is smaller than my bust, my hip is bigger is than my bust, I have a lovely figure, I am not shapeless. I am a free person; we are the same in the presence of God. I treat everyone nicely; I respect individuals but it is reciprocal.

“I don’t care about what people say, I do whatever I like. Many people don’t know that there is a difference between bleaching and (skin) lightening. Bleaching is using chemical products to change your skin colour; the effect is very fast and harsh. When it comes to whitening and lightening, organic products are used. They come in different forms. I use natural things like rice water, orange peels to make my products. My skin cannot look the way it used to look five years ago.


“How is maintaining and enhancing my skin to look fresh and flawless bleaching? My products are not strictly for fair-complexioned people alone, dark people also use them. They only make the skin glow. It is only people who lack knowledge that call it bleaching. If I see a dark spot on my skin, I can make it go away; it doesn’t mean I am bleaching. When people see a woman with dark knuckles; they just assume that the person is bleaching. Talk is cheap, people who don’t have knowledge about it just talk.”

When Saturday Beats reached out to the fashion designer, Ayokunnumi Emoruwa, she said the actor actually reached out to her to make two dresses for her birthday but along the line, she had some issues with the results.

“She contacted me to make two dresses for her birthday and made a deposit of N100,000; her balance was supposed to be N35,000. She came in person and saw the dress and some adjustments were made. I sent her a final video and picture and she confirmed that she was satisfied with it. She came for the shoot few days later and she only complained that the waist was loose.

“I pleaded with her to allow me adjust it but she insisted she needed a refund. I told her to give me till the following week before making a refund. I sent her a refund because I felt bad about the fact that she didn’t use the dress for the purpose she made it for. I made a calculation and sent a refund of N40,000 and she is still with the outfit. I am at a loss here.

“She came on social media and was ranting about it; she said she was going to spoil my brand; but I told her she didn’t make my brand and so, couldn’t spoil it. She continued posting and that was how I lost my cool. I am human; there is a limit to what anyone can take. Yes, I made her dress but she was calling me a scam and it is not healthy for my brand,” she said.

Asked about the reason behind the negative things she said about the actress’ cosmetic brand; she noted that she made the statement out of anger.

“I was upset when I said it because she called me a scam and she also sells creams and it is nothing to write home about; I have seen her in person,” she said.

Mosun has been absent from the movie scene for a while, but when she was asked about the reason for the break in her acting career, she noted that it was done to focus on her family and children.


“I took some time off movies; there is a time and season for everything, (I did it) to focus on my family. My children are still young and I don’t want to leave them in the hands of a maid. My husband is a very busy person because of his career. There is a need for someone to take care of the home front.

“When they (my children) are of age and can take care of themselves, then I am good to go. Acting takes me away from home, sometimes I have to travel. It is really demanding. I am not an extrovert. When I am not on set, I am an introvert. I don’t like going out, I’m always indoors,” she said.

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