Here are 3 things good boyfriends don’t hide from their girlfriend


Every good woman deserves a honest man who doesn’t have to be probed to disclose information about himself.

It’s OK to not tell your woman some few things » if you do not feel like it; at the same time there are some secrets you dare not keep from her if you hope to hold on to the relationship for long.
Secrets and hidden things are never favourable to a relationship; which explains why open and honest communication remains a master key to unlocking newer, higher levels of trust and commitment in relationships and marriages.
Every woman wants a honest man who does not have to be probed to disclose information about himself and his affairs, especially on important, consequential issues that have direct impact on the continued existence of the relationship.

And for the woman who herself has no secrets hidden from her man » , this is not too much to ask.
So if you are a husband or boyfriend who values his relationship with his girlfriend or wife, here are three secrets you should not hide from her:
1. Your real relationship status
Such is the situation in the dating setting of 2018 Nigeria that this is a major issue.
Social media stories and call-outs attest to the multiplicity of dubious men and relationships built on well-structured lies and hidden agendas.
One hears so much about men who have wives abroad but lock unsuspecting girlfriends down in relationships spanning years and years of well-played lies and secrets.
In some lesser disastrous instances, men have crazy exes with whom they no longer have anything and have categorically broken up with and excommunicated. But of course, the ex being the nut job that she is, she still sees herself as the main chick and constantly threatens every other girl the man tries to start a new relationship with.
If you are a guy and find yourself in a situation like this or a similar one, it is only logical that you let a babe know what she’s getting into.
This is not a secret to keep. It’s not one of the things that are better left unsaid » .


2. Things that hurt you
Guy, if your babe said something that you didn’t like or there is something that is bothering you in your life, she deserves to know that.
Many men are fond of holding in emotions and suppressing negative feelings so as not to look girly with their complaints.
However, man, you need to realise that there is a difference between addressing a situation and nagging. Refusing to address these things will only create resentment and unresolved issues which will breed hostility and contempt.
Why foster this negativity when you can communicate your hurt, move past them and avoid future occurrences of it.
3. Your job
It is point blank unacceptable to lie or not let someone you are dating know what you do for a living.
It means one of two things: you’re either into illegal dealings or just disrespectful of that woman.

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