Husband protests wife’s claim of causing her eye injury





Husband protests wife’s claim of causing her eye injury

A 50-year-old woman identified only as Motunrayo has raised the alarm over an alleged physical assault by her husband which she claimed left her partially blind.

Motunrayo, a trader, alleged that her husband, one Olusanjo Akingbade, acted violently often after smoking and drinking alcohol, and turned her into a punching bag when they had a misunderstanding.

She told City Round that the situation got worse when he returned to their residence in the Adealu, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos at about 3am on June 14, 2020, and woke her up to give him a matchbox to light a cigarette.

She said soon after she told him she didn’t have a lighter, he got angry and descended on her.

Motunrayo said though she and her husband had had quarrels in the past, she did not take his threats to deal with her seriously.

“He got angry and punched me in the eye. I screamed and called out for help from the neighbours who took me to a hospital. But the hospital rejected me, so I was taken to a police station to report the matter.

“The police gave me a police report which I took to a hospital in Ile Epo. The doctors there said an operation would be done on the affected eye but my husband’s brother rejected the idea, saying that it could affect the other eye. He (Akingbade) was arrested but later secured bail through his employer.’’

The mother of one, who lamented that she had been incapacitated by the injury as she could no longer see with the affected eye, told City Round that she also reported the matter to a human rights organisation, Esther Child Rights Foundation.

“Since then, I have not been alright because the injured eye affects me. Despite my condition, he threatened to kill me. I had to borrow some money to buy and sell fruits so I could survive. I can no longer see with my right eye. Nigerians should come to my rescue because he beats me often; he’s turned me into a punching bag and I don’t have money to rent an apartment and move out. The cost of the surgery is N120,000 but when he was told, he said he would not pay,” she added.

The Director of the organisation, Esther Ogwu, said, “She (Motunrayo) needs surgery on that eye. She complained to us and we invited her husband. The man is not willing and is even threatening her.”

Denying his wife’s allegations, Akingbade accused her of infidelity.


“I am not responsible for the eye injury. She was fighting with me and hit her eye on an object when she was about to run away. She is an adulterer; I met her several times in my room with men. That is the issue and I just want to tell the world what exactly happened.

“She stole my ATM and wanted to withdraw my money; I had to block it. I didn’t say I will not take care of her eye but I don’t know why she has been reporting me.”

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