Reasons Why She Is Not Replying Your Messages



If you met this girl who was so open to you,told you she just broke up with her boyfriend without she really hinting you on the reason for the breakup,and she keeps telling you how she enjoy spending time with you,she replies your messages within seconds like her life depends on it.if such a girls gradually starts changing,now taking time to reply and rarely message you,it might be that her ex just got back into her life like UZI.

Some guys may not know this but it’s a fact that some girls actually find some set of guy irritating and would wish them(boys) out of their(girls) lives by simply ignoring their messages.boys in this category should not think about looks as the cause of this,no no no!!!you maybe getting on her nerves unknown to you and as a result of that she now finds you irritating i.e guys who are quick to talk about sex,relationships,love and bla bla bla within the first few minutes of a conversation or guys that flood her inbox with messages even though she is yet to reply the previous one’s They sent.

Yea, chances might be that she finds you boring and that is the reason why she always feel reluctant to reply your messages.It might be as y result of you not telling her the kind of things she wish to hear at that particular time or it maybe that you are engaging her in a conversasion wrongly.She might also see you as boring if the both of “you” and “her” do not share a common interest,so bro i advice you swerve.

If a girl is not intrested in you,sending her a text is almost as useless as the HEL in HEL’L’, you have a very slim chance of getting a reply from her,no matter how cute or rich you maybe.but when she is interested,you do little or no thing at all and boom,her attention is all yours.

This is the most common case.A girl might not reply your messeges or might do that a little bit than you expected due to that fact that she was busy when your message came through,maybe replying other messages,or maybe he have something doing at work,school or home so don’t be in a rush to send multiple messages to her,cos she might really want to reply you but dont really have that time to so just get busy with other things yourself so you won’t get impatient witn her.

6. MOOD:
Mood plays a very vital role in how responsive a girls will be to your messages.if a girl is overall excited, she will most likely reply your messages,but when her mood is down,she is unhappy or have something going on with her,she will either not reply your messages or she is going to sound very cold through out the conversation with her replies mostly taking time!!!

CONCLUSION: If a girls stops replying your messages,give her time and take a walk away from her,if she cares she will definitely find her way back to you,and if she does not Then you know it was all a time bomb

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