Relationships are based on a lot of things – Written By Kassandra Michael



People are entirely different from each other.. Not everybody has the same belief and ideology, not everyone think in the same direction. Most people don’t see life the way you see it and understand it.
We all have been given the ability to adapt to surroundings, behaviors and beliefs.
Life gives us a lot of things that we might struggle with in the beginning but with patience and understanding we tend to make complete sense and enjoy the new life..
Relationships are based on a lot of things.. Love, loyalty, patience, trust, care, understanding, compromise/sacrifice.
You can be a person with beautiful principles and discipline, once you cannot compromise for the next person or your partner, your principles begin to look like SELFISHNESS..
Have you ever asked yourself how people who have stayed together for so long make it far? It’s simple because they know when to make compromises for their partner..
What’s does your partner want?
What makes them happy?
What are the things you do that puts them in a mood?
How happy are they with your principles?
Nobody is asking for a total change for them, but if both of you can make changes and adjustments you’d be very surprised on how much positive changes you can make..
Each person has a totally different person that compliments them.. The trick is they look or act to us like we can’t live with people like this or can’t be in a relationship with them..
have you sat down to re-evaluate these things??
Compromising doesn’t make you look stupid or be the fool.. It simply means you have what it takes to go past life challenges and understand them..
Written By
Kassandra Michael.
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