Relationships In Our Modern Society


First and foremost let’s define the term “Relationship”. In the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the term Relationship is define “a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings, b : a romantic or passionate attachment with examples such as; iThe relationship between the two countries has improved. ii she has a close relationship with her sister. iii she has had many bad relationships.

My main focus will be on the second definition of a relationship as in a romantic and passionate attachment you have with the opposite cex. During my life span before typing this I have had several bad relationships with opposite cex but none would hurt more than the most recent. The demands in a relationship in this our country Nigerian is significantly high, One really needs to keep up with the demands of the opposite cex. One can only say that the issues we guys face in keeping hold of a serious relationship is quite enormous ranging from having a car, a good life, not being broke, even if you have all those good qualities you may not end up having a sensible relationship. I have been in a relationship where the opposite cex made me a better person and improved my life in general but at the long run I got heart broken, didn’t recover from it, didn’t move on with my life, I was still not over her but finally I got her back only for her to tell me she decided to give us another try out of pity which sent me down a spiral of negative thoughts, feelings and singing love songs. Recently I was told by another lady that she likes being pampered with money but claims that am different from other guys she have come across, how would she feel if it was the other way round. A friend whose name I will withhold recently tweeted that because of standards most ladies end up single for life with no husbands. I strongly believe that true love exist out there but one needs to find it and hold on to it because it’s actually a scarce commodity in our modern society.

An American Music act named Jon Bellion has a song titled “Woke the -uck up” which have lyrics such as “we live in an age where everything is staged, where all we do is fake our feelings I’ve been scared to put myself out there, time is running out and I need to let you know that last night I woke the -Uck up” and actually he is making a lot of sense I really don’t know why I still put myself out there when all people do is fake their feelings. You try as much as possible to give 100% to the opposite cex and at the end you get hurt, most guys recover and try again and again and again and again and still get hurt but some don’t recover and go after ladies who might well give the 100% they need but end up hurting those innocent ladies, in Nigeria we have a general term use to classify such act which is Yoruba Demon ( Heart Breaker ). Well I’m not in that category, I still believe there is love out there in this fucked up society. The standard set by ladies in our society haven’t been helpful with the rate at which young boys make money illegally, the rate at which the famous yahoo-yahoo grows is alarming and scary, my cousin recently told me that the rate at which young guys will go nuts or bananas, we shouldn’t be surprise because rituals have increased incredibly as well. Standards which their own parents can’t afford make ladies lose their lives to young boys that can’t wait any longer to make the money. Most times it’s the ladies that push guys to do what they do, oppression is real my people, if you can not oppress peeps then don’t be oppressed or like the popular lingual Franca which says “anyway na way o”. Na because of these guys legit guys get pushed aside, who TF want compete with the likes of hushpupi and co!. Morals and self control should be watch words for females of this generation and try to be contented with what they have and only hope for the best because what you see on social media might actually be all fake. Whenever I scroll down my timeline on twitter am always eager to read what @myhoestory or @subdeliveryman have posted, many stories on instablog and makeorbreak handles on instagram have posted a lot as well, When I hear the Relationship stories I shiver at times at the cruelty of both cexes.

Concerning the issue of relationships not everyone is lucky enough but my views are from the Male side, I generally feel women should be treated as queens and not one you should play with, as a man you should be able to make her smile and not make her weep, both parties should be able to bring the best out of each other like one should be able to impact positively on the other, making the other not feel less important and feel the weight of the world lifted off his/her shoulders. One should have a sense of Maturity to be able to understand the other and reach a consensus if an argument ever arise, in the sense that out of his/her priorities, he/she can be able to sacrifice 70% for the other, Also one should be able to forgive, move on and hope for the best and a better relationship when hurt. A serious relationship should be able to last for years leading to a fruit union and survive the test of times. I know everyone is hurting but we shouldn’t drop low and go on a hurting spree on the opposite cex or lemme say “The birth of a Yoruba Demon” lol tho. Johnny Drille’s new song says don’t let Awa(our) Love fall down, you should mean much to each other, don’t let your love or relationship go to waste!. After heated arguments pride shouldn’t surface, he/she should accept his/her wrong doings and drop the pride to amend things cos e no suppose make the relationship go to waste. No one is perfect, we need to understand we are humans, accept our flaws and be patient with each other. To the amazement of my peers I look like a terrible guy but I have a good heart towards the opposite cex once I get into a relationship, I give 100%. Somehow one should lose his morals playfully with his/her partner and not to be a hunter in the field to hunt down the good in your partner. The society of our parents should be appreciated/copied because they understood hurt, want, love, patience, loyalty.

Cex shouldn’t define or be a necessity in a relationship because guys play the long game perfectly till he gets what he wants because cex is one of the cheapest commodity on planet earth.
I had friend that’s addicted to cex to the extent that we call him Mr skin tight because protection is actually something else for him, he has never been hurt by a lady before. I repeat cex is the cheapest commodity on planet earth so stay woke girls and be wise but at a time guys can be fucking corny. A guy would not want to spend the rest of his life with a lose ball but would actually want someone that will value his principles and vice versa, someone with good morals, home training and understanding.



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