See New Photos Of The ‘World’s Fattest Man’ As He Shows Off Weight Loss After Bypass Surgery

The man who was dubbed as the world’s fattest last year has shown off his incredible 39st weight loss.
Juan Pedro Franco, 33, earned the title of the heaviest person alive by the Guinness World Records in 2017.
The Mexican man tipped the scales at 93st before his gastric bypass surgery back in November.
Now, after two procedures and a strict exercise regime, he has reduced his weight to under 71st.
Since he started just over a year ago, Juan has dropped a whopping 39st – the equivalent of a silverback gorilla.

But his ultimate aim is to be able to walk again, after years of remaining in his bedroom.
Juan first made headlines in November 2016 when he was admitted to the clinic after making the trip in a specially-adapted van to the western city of Guadalajara, in western Mexico.
At the time, surgeon Jose Antonio Castaneda said Juan’s obesity and related conditions – including diabetes – has made the operation impossible and he needed to lose weight.

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