So Long I’m Governor, No Amount Of Pressure Will Make Me Release El-Zakzaky – El-Rufai

So Long I’m Governor, No Amount Of Pressure Will Make Me Release El-Zakzaky – El-Rufai


The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, says he would not bow to stress to launch Shi’ite leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

The governor spoke on Friday night in a stay radio interview monitored by way of DAILY NIGERIAN in Abuja. Mr El-Rufai stated the nation authorities went difficult at the Shi’ite leader due to the fact the people of Kaduna country suffered underneath Mr El-Zakzaky’s excesses.

“We agree [his fate is in our hands] however with a correction. The fate of El-Zakzaky is not inside the hands of Kaduna State Government but the Kaduna State High Court. What the federal government means here is that it did not fee El-Zakzaky to court docket. The federal government detained him in Abuja after the [Zaria] crisis.

“While El-Zakzaky changed into in detention in Abuja, we sat down and performed investigations at the atrocities, crimes, infringement of rights he and his fans committed in the final 30 years in Zaria.

“After the realization of the investigation, we asked the federal authorities handy him over to us for trial in Kaduna.

“The clamour for the release of El-Zakzaky became now not directed at us but the federal authorities. Since we took him to court nobody requested us to launch him.

“And we will no longer release him until courtroom he is cleared via the court docket. It turned into Kaduna State High Court that ordered for his detention within the Kaduna jail.

“He changed into the only who requested that he be detained with the aid of the SSS no longer jail. If a person is expecting trial, he is generally remanded in jail custody. But he opted for the SSS detention facility where he will now not suffer.

“Since the SSS is detaining him without the order of the court, our lawyers sought order from the court for El-Zakzaky to be taken lower back to prison.

“As we talk now, Sheikh El-Zakzaky and his spouse are in Kaduna prison, and they may continue to be there till the stop of their trial.


“We don’t recognise whilst the courtroom will decide, but we will now not launch him because of the atrocities he and his fans committed towards the humans of Kaduna State.

“If the court acquits him, we have no option. But we will now not launch him no matter the public outcry, irrespective of the demonstration, regardless of the pressure from overseas countries… They are simply wasting their time. As long as I am the governor, El-Zakzaky will never be released till the end of his trial. But whatever the courtroom decides, I will execute the judgement.”

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