TRUTH REVEALED!! BBNaija Star, TEDDY-A Reveals The Truth About The Woman He Had Cex With On Plane

BBNaija star Teddy A has finally addressed the cex-on-a-plane claims a lady made some few months ago. According to the lady on Twitter, she had a mind-blowing cex with the star while they both met on the plane.

She however later denied the claim and maintained that she does not even have any account on the social media platform.

When Sunday Scoop caught up with Teddy A recently, the CEO of Alpha Records said he wasn’t worried when he saw the post.

He stated:

“I was not moved when I saw the post. If it was true, the news would still be trending. For me, once you are out there, these things will happen. I have already prepared myself for any eventuality that would occur. I saw it, I laughed and I was expecting another thing.”

Teddy A also explained how he had been able to keep a smooth relationship with Bambam. He said, “I really don’t talk about my personal life.

But I have never been a dramatic person; I don’t have time for it. I am interested in work, money and the need to take care of my family. I am sure Bambam also sees life along this line, which is why it was easy for us to connect in BBNaija.

“I don’t know what is going on with other ex-housemates and their relationships. But I will just say everyone should focus on the reason they went into the house; which was to become bigger and better. I could advise them in the house because I was there with them.

Now, I don’t live with them and everyone is busy. We connect whenever we have time but it is not my job to advise anyone on what to do with his or her life. If you reach out to me and tell me what is going on, then I will give you my advice. But I will not reach out to you and tell you what to do; they are all adults.”

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