This week on 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Celeb, we have the award winning producer and artist OLUMIX

This week on 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Celeb, we have the  award winning producer and artist OLUMIX

Introduce yourself to our audience
Am Olumix and my real names goes as Olumide Nelson Awolaja. I hail from Ogun state, am a mass com hnd graduate of Lagos state polytechnic. I was opportune to be around music from my childhood. “A cele church boy. I was known for a lil boy playing different musical instruments without learning one. I think that’s a special gift God him self gave to me. I was an instrumentalist for several years way back before getting into music production. I can also tell you that its been God all the way. I started music production in 2007 in a very miraculous way too without
 it. But later, with the help of internet, i studied more to upgrade my knowledge and i can boast of some of my great works out there. Am a big fan of every good sound creator or music designer out there.
Ques : If you were not doing music, what will you be doing?
Ans : I would be a footballer or Fine Art artiste by now.
Ques : Your favorite meal?
Ans: Rice and stew
 Ques : How much did your receive as a Musician  for the first time?
Ans : Maybe 500naira. Lol. Back then when I started playing keyboard for musicians.
Ques : What is your biggest fear ?
Ans : Failure. (Its deep). *Getting to my destined height in life. *To complete the missions I was meant for. *Becoming a legend and a wonderful example to the world at its largest size.
Ques : When you are not doing music, what are you doing, Who is Your celebrity crush
Ans : Playing computer game. And my celebrity crush for now is Sotayo (A Yoruba movie actress)
Thank you for stopping by Olumix,
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