Woman Reveals How She Had CEX With Top Police Officer In His Office

Awoman identified as Denise Pearce has opened up how how she had cex with top police officer, Stephen Redgewell in his office at night and also revealed that they did it in the dark.

According to The Mirror, Denise, who has a £5,000 latex cex costume collection, claims Redgwell, 52 – a Detective Sergeant and treasurer of the Metropolitan Police Federation – promised to marry her at Dracula’s Castle in Romania after showering her with gifts including a skull ring.
“I was convinced he was The One,” says the mum-of-two he called “kinky fluff” and “cuddle monster” in messages seen by the Sunday Mirror.

“We had cex in his office at the Police Federation in the darkness.

“Sometimes I brought whips. I was definitely more dominant.

“I soon realised how obsessed with cex he was. He could never have gone that long without it. He told me he had a partner but it was over between them.”

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