Evans Denies Kidnapping Businessman, Says Abba Kyari’s Men Forced Him To Sign Documents



Evans Denies Kidnapping Businessman, Says Abba Kyari’s Men Forced Him To Sign Documents

Claimed capture boss, Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, false name Evans, at an Ikeja Special Offenses Court, denied grabbing a finance manager, Sylvanus Ahamonu.

While handling inquiries from Yusuf Sule, the indictment counsel, during Friday’s court meeting, Evans said he had to sign archives and act in a specific way as coordinated by the police.

He denied being a hijacker, adding that he has a vehicle business with more than 30 specialists.

Evans additionally denied gathering $420,000 as payoff from the group of Ahamonu, expressing that he never met the man until his capture.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Evans is being investigated close by an ex-fighter, Victor Aduba, on a four-count charge of grabbing and unlawful ownership of guns.

Evans let the court know that he was brought into the world on April 22, 1980 and was from Nnewi, Anambra. He fervently denied knowing Ahamonu preceding seeing him after his capture.

Whenever Sule noticed that Ahamonu had recognized him when he affirmed practically (through the Zoom application) in court, Evans said he was effectively recognizable.

He expressed;

Ahamonu and Idowu Haruna (the Investigating Police Officer) might have contrived with the police. My photos are all over the place, everywhere. Before my image was all over the place, individuals knew what My identity was. I had a haulage and planned operations business with more than 30 staff and drivers in Amuwo-Odofin.

The affirmed seize head honcho said he had made no notice of his haulage and operations business in his articulation since it was composed by the police.

Reacting to questions, Evans said he likewise didn’t give clinical archives demonstrating his supposed torment by the police to the court.

He, in any case, noticed that while he was detained, he had documented a basic common freedoms suit against the police at the Federal High Court, Lagos, over the supposed torment.

Clarifying why he was found feeling joyful in the confession booth video played in the court when indictment communicated its viewpoint, Evans said he had to act that way by the police.

He communicated;

The police advised me to be snickering and grinning in the video. You don’t have the foggiest idea what I experienced in the possession of Abba Kyari and his young men. My eyes saw hellfire. It was how they advised me to treat I was doing.

Prior, while affirming with all due respect, Evans had said he didn’t know Ahamonu.

Driven in proof by protection counsel, Ms O.N Sonuga, he said;

I don’t know Sylvanus Ahamonu, I just met him at the IG Guest House in Falomo. One day at the IG Guest House, the police carried a few reports and requested that I sign, I asked what the archives were for, they didn’t respond to me. They said that on the off chance that I didn’t help out them they would kill me.

Whenever I denied, Insp. Philip requested that they take me to the rear of the visitor house. At the point when I arrived, they were squeezing cigarette butts on my body.

Evans said he saw individuals he was marched with in Ikeja, “and they said l will witness what will to those individuals; that it is better I sign those reports.”

He further expressed;

They killed around six people in my quality and I marked the archive, I was not permitted to understand it. I think it is the archive that was accustomed to carry me to court. I know nothing about the claims under the watchful eye of this court. I don’t have the foggiest idea who Ahamonu is. I just met him at the IG Guest House, I had no earlier contact with him.

Evans additionally let the court know that no guns were found in his home by the police.

NAN reports that Ahamonu and his significant other, Chimebere, had on December 17, 2021 affirmed basically how Evans and his posse abducted him on June 23, 2014 on Kara Road off Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

The couple described how they sold properties, acquired cash, raised assets from family and well wishers to endeavor to raise the underlying $2 million dollar emancipate that was requested by Evans.

Ahamonu said his hands and legs were binded all through his two months in imprisonment and was possibly delivered when his family had purportedly given Evans the $420,000 recover, by which time he said he was at the place of death.


Equity Oluwatoyin Taiwo suspended the case until March 11 for continuation of preliminary.

Source NAN.

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