Snoop Dogg Sued For ‘Compelling Oral Sex’ On Woman




Snoop Dogg Sued For ‘Compelling Oral Sex’ On Woman

US rapper and TV character, Snoop Dogg, has been sued for supposedly compelling oral sex on a woman in 2013.

As per TMZ, a lady basically recognized as Jane Doe guaranteed that the episode happened when she went to one of his shows in Anaheim, California.

Jane said after a show, Snoop’s long-term companion, Bishop Don Juan, offered her a ride home, including that their way, she nodded off inside the vehicle and woke up in Juan’s home.

The claim guaranteed that when she woke up toward the beginning of the day, Juan “eliminated his penis from his jeans and constrained his penis in offended party’s face,” and “over and again pushed his penis into offended party’s mouth.”

It added that Juan “victimized and badgering offended party in light of offended party’s sex and orientation.”

Jane said after the occurrence, Juan offered her a dress and requested that she follow him to Snoop’s studio, adding “I need to check whether he will make you the climate young lady.”

The lady, who professed to be an artist and model, said when they got to Snoop’s studio, she had a stomach throb and chosen to utilize the latrine.

The claim expressed that while she was in the latrine, Snoop strolled in “remaining with his groin in offended party’s face, while offended party was crapping on the latrine.”

It additionally asserted that the rapper supposedly constrained oral sex on her simultaneously.

It is perceived that the lady sued the rapper and Juan for vague harms said to be esteemed at $10 million.

A source addressing the 50-year-elderly person let TMZ know that the lady recorded the suit closely following Super Bowl, a yearly season finisher title round of the National Football League, where the rapper is relied upon to perform.


Nonetheless, the rapper denied the case. In a laconic Instagram post, Snoop additionally called general society to watch out for “gold digger season” – in what gave off an impression of being a burrow at the lady.

“Gold digger season is here be cautious Nefews keep ya watches up And. Keep ya circle o little,” he composed.

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