Eba Officially Declares For C’River PDP Chairmanship Position

Eba Officially Declares For C’River PDP Chairmanship Position


Eba Officially Declares For C’River PDP Chairmanship Position

The current Director General of Cross River State Due Process and Price Intelligence Bureau, Alphonsus Ogar Eba, Thursday, formally declared his intention to become Cross River State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chairman.

Eba made the declaration in a statement he personally signed, and said he is out to ensure the party in the state is driven by peace, love, unity and growth, which is the summary of the vision and mission of his aspiration

According to Eba he is not a newcomer nor a novice in the game of politics but had garnered and gathered experience over the years based on his background and as a grassroots man who is young and energetic he will bringing his hardworking prowess to bear to ensure the party remain strong and formidable to bring the gains of democracy to the people of Cross River and nationally.

He also appreciated commitment of indefatigable party leaders including H. E. Governor Ben Ayade, H. E. Liyel Imoke, PDP NWC, NASS members, PDP Caretaker committee and all major stakeholders towards finding amicable resolution of political disagreement, which he called on party members to remain committed to the party ideals and prayed and sued for peace; “remember that only ‘peace makers shall be called sons (and daughters) of God.”

He added that the gains of political growth is a legacy that is worth bequeathing and will work hard to return all party members who are presently outside the party to the PDP family as he will do all within his ability to persuade strong opposition members and win them to the party. “With the kind of superb leadership which we will provide, PDP will become attractive and the most sought after.”

The statement reads in part, “I, Alphonsus Ogar Eba esq, DG Due Process CRS and an aspirant to the office of PDP CRS Chairmanship, bring you special greetings from the innermost station of my heart.

“Permit me to use this medium to sue for peace and to humbly appeal to all members of our great party PDP to henceforth, refrain from making comments that tend to present us as a divisive and disunited people.

“While we must admit that the processes that led to the last LGA primaries and the last ward and chapter congresses may have left some of our members aggrieved, it has become a duty on me and you to find a meeting point and seek the most matured political solution to this avoidable issue by building a genuine sustainable win – win consensus.

“In my 45 years of existence, God has been faithful to me and I have been blessed with everything I asked for. I seek nothing more except the knowledge and wisdom that will help me serve and leave a legacy that remain in the hearts of men. I have therefore committed myself to remain a servant of my people and God Almighty. I am the Strong Bridge.

“I will with the fear of God, do my best to be fair to all manner of persons irrespective of political affiliation or unjust pressure from political opponents.

“In my almost Four (4) decades of active involvement from Infants activism, youths activism, students activism, judicial activism to present political activism, I have been blessed with the virtue of Humility, Honesty and Hard work.

“As I seek your support to serve you as State Chairman of our great party PDP, I do so with the sincere knowledge that leadership is a blessing that comes from God above. Romans 13 : 1-7 is apt. Fortunately, I am ‘Blessed from Above’.

“When I celebrated the overwhelming endorsement of the State caucus of our party in March 2020 to steer the ship of our great party, I knew that I was coming to be a humble driver of a vehicle whose doors will be opened from within and outside and the driver of such a vehicle can only be a man that is patient and humble. I know that as it stands today, I am that humble driver that is trusted and available to drive every member of our party in peace.

“I therefore wish to reiterate my preparedness to serve you with absolute humility, honesty and hardwork.”

He also disclosed his strategy to achieve peace and his role towards peace in the party, which will be to address and break down the balkanization that some people have created within the party.

“While some have chosen the part of balkanization and bent on deepening the tiny whole of our disagreement, I have in the last few months gone on my knees to appeal to the leadership of the party at the State and at the centre including our leaders and all aggrieved members particularly, our leaders in the National Assembly to toe the part of peace because it is less expensive and more reliable than litigation.

“I am glad that our collective resolve and inclination towards alternative dispute resolution is unanimous.

“While I am still interfacing with all aggrieved members to sue for peace and soon everyone will see the joy that comes with peace, it will only be good if we don’t make inflammatory statements and derogatory appellations such as Governor’s camp V ‘NASS camp’ because we are one big united and peaceful family that is poised to grow even bigger when I emerge as State chairman by the grace of God.

“I understand that some persons amongst us, particularly, people outside our party, will prefer to see us in perpetual crisis but I am propelled by that sincere innate sense of selfless service and the task of growing our political family on the alter of peace and unity, emboldened to once again appeal to us all to stand on the side of peace and unity so that the party can grow very well quickly.”


He concluded by saying, “I therefore beg that you support my quest for peace because it will be an exercise in futility and sadistic pleasure in cruelty to emerge as a State chairman only to manage the affairs of a disunited and chaotic political family, God forbid!

“My trajectory and antecedents in this regard are verifiable, incontrovertible, irrefutable and irrebutable”, he added.


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